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Oh, The Vanity! – About This Blog

It seems blogs these days are nothing more than faceless individualistic shouting into the void, each and every one desperately hoping to gain attention over the clamour of their peers, with the moderate succcesses of a few top-shelf blog-opolis celebrities merely stirring others on to greater strivings to somehow gain attention and fame, writing about this or that that they seem to consider important and interesting and completely and utterly unique.

A rarer few seem to be nothing more than online diaries, though most of such crap is confined to Livejournal – may it please stay there – and thus, does not intrude on the rest of us.  This blog, while I would be loathe to pretend the motives are unique or special, does not follow these banners, but is instead written for a different, triple motive.  At the core, this motive is to focus on the awesome, the entertaining, the amusing that I encounter daily.  The world is a magical entertaining place, and so much happens so quickly that rather than attempt to recall it, most people merely haze it out in a generic sheen of “nothin’ much” when asked to recall what’s happened.  The tripartite nature of this, however, is: I desire to recall as much of the cool stuff that happens to me, that I get up to, and recording it in some manner seems the best way to do so.  I read once that people who keep a diary are more likely to be depressed than non-diarists (not the reverse, they checked that it wasn’t merely that the depressed had a tendancy to diarize), this being linked to recording all their stresses and depressions and angst on paper – and thus, I experiment and write down everything fun and cool and entertaining to see if I can artificially boost my enjoyment of life by only recording the positive.  Finally, a single, dominant aspect of much of my remembered life has done nothing but hammer home my own mortality, and my addiction to bad ideas does nothing to blunt this knowledge.  Thus, I record my ill-considered adventures merely for posterity’s sake.

As for me, well, there’s not much and far too much to tell.  I’m young-ish.  Too young to be considering my possible imminent demise, I know.  I’m an artist, a cook, and a climber.  I don’t see myself as a writer, regardless of this blog.  I’m secretive, suspicious, and generally a plotter.  I don’t like using people’s names on this blog, so no one can find themself by googling, or worse yet, be found out by someone else via The Googles.  I don’t really tell people about this blog unless they have good cause to hear these stories. I’m chatty, gregarious in person and loquacious in type.  I’m a troublemaker, a hedonist, and a … debaucher?  I like to drink, party, and make mayhem, preferrably all at once.  I’m so countercultural that I’m not.  I study Sociology, new media, marketing, and business, as much and as often as I can.

Brevity, dear friends, is the very soul of wit; I fail at both, but not for lack of trying.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Andy permalink
    March 31, 2009 6:46 pm

    Hey Earthman,

    I found the eaterhmant while searching the interwebs for high quality bloggers, and am reaching out to let you know about a project I’m working that I think you’d really dig. It’s a way for you and your fans to converse with each other in chat-like real time, though organized and focused specifically around shared content (in a pretty interface).

    From what we’ve seen so far, people are many times more inclined to comment and discuss with one another on this than via stock commenting, and the interaction is much more lively and entertaining.

    Does this sound like something you’re interested in seeing/trying? Hit me back when you have a change and I’ll give you an invite to check it out.



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