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September 9, 2009

I finally get to add another notch to my coffee-nerd cred.

I got to have brew coffee off a Clover machine.  The company and their device are touted as the greatest thing to happen to coffee since Gaggia invented the espresso machine – the Clover box is effectively a very high-tech hybrid of a french press and a vacuum pot – intended to allow the operator to manually control with great perceision all three factors that have the greatest effect on the end flavour of the brewed coffee.  The barista has complete control over the quantity of coffee going in, and the machine can be set to any brewing temperature – guaranteed accuracy to something ridiculous like 1/10 of a degreeand the capacity to set the exact temperature to teh 1/2 degree, as well as the means to exactly control the brew time.  According to those that have such luxuries to play with – running a full pound of coffee through the machine and tweaking minor details at each turn will produce variations in the taste of the coffee as details are adjusted – one can find and hold to a sweet spot for any coffee depending on the end desired flavour and the profile available within the particular roast.

AGRO Cafe, my new favourite joint (barring, of course, Re-Entry Espresso) is down on Granville Island; Mother and I have been in a few times and I was thrilled to note their ownership of the Clover machine last time were in.  This time, I went in with deliberate intent to try Clover-Brewed coffee.  My first selection was their “coffee of the day”; meaning they’d mass-brewed it a earlier.  (Mass pre-brewed.  On a Clover.  SACRELIGE.) so I changed my selection to a Mexican so I could get the fresh-off-the-machine brew.

It lived up to the hype.  Utterly and completely.  The various subtleties of the coffee came through majestically, and the whole thing tasted suitably … fresh and clear.  It was something else, in terms of comparison to regular brew elsewhere.

I still prefer Espresso, mind, but the Clover is certainly a close second.

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