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Mexico – Daytime

May 10, 2009

So, uh, Internet … I neglected to mention going to Mexico at the end of Hols.


I went with Mother, my Godmother, Dorara, and her family. Her husband, Rilan, had set up the entire trip, and their two girls, Mererewana and Jurupari came along, as well as Mererewana’s husband, Ngurvilu.

Most of the trip was Jurupari and I partying, occationally with Ngurvilu joining us. Mererewana had recently discovered she was pregnant with “Blueberry” and was starting to feel the effects of the pregnancy, so not only could she not come drinking with us, but she was also easily tired and unable to last long into the night.

We stayed at the Grand Riviera resort, about 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen, or an hour or so from Cancun. It’s a shockingly large resort, with two “sub resorts” contained. We took advantage of every inch of the place, the only spots I missed were the Saltwater Pool and

The days were great, Jurupari and I went to Playa del Carmen twice to go shopping and see the sights, as well as going on a day trip to Coba with her and Mother. We hiked all over the Maya city of Coba, as well as getting to climb the temple-pyramid “Nohoch Mul” to the top. 142 of the freaking hugest steps you’ve ever faced. For such a diminuitive people, they sure liked tall stairs. It was ridiculously hot, and we were all pretty damned sweat-soaked by the end of it, but it was totally worth it, even if I didn’t manage to convince Mother to climb the pyramid with Jurupari and I. We also swam in a cenote – oddly perfect temperature water; evenly cool from top layer down, but a challenge to swim in ’cause of the lack of salt: you’re not at all buoyant, and it’s cold & deep enough that they’re pretty worried you’ll cramp up and sink. They asked us all to wear life jackets, but I jumped in briefly to test it out sans-jacket to see what they were talking about. We were fed some tradidional Maya food at a local place there and generally experienced the culture adequitely. It was a great time.

Playa del Carmen was a fun town, moreso once we got off the main tourist drag. I got myself a hammock, as well as a box of cigars and a few other things like that.  I did save buying Tequila until I was at the airport for our flight home, because I wanted it in my carryon rather than my checked baggage.  Oddly, that decision didn’t cost me nearly as much as I expected it to.

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  1. Tara permalink
    May 11, 2009 8:59 pm

    You missed the saltwater pool and.

    Also, I’d be jealous but I got a sunburn on Christmas day.
    So, instead I’m just so excited about getting to Mexico someday.

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