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Can’t See Shit, Cap’n!

April 4, 2009

So I’m currently writing to you from Jaertes’ spare laptop; mine is down for a brief count.

In addition to the ongoing utter lack of battery power (abysmal battery life, liketen minutes or so), I turned my computer on the other day and strolled off to brush my teeth, only to come back to it apparently still not on.  I tried again, and it was definately powering up, the screen was just failing to get the message.  I could even run iTunes and play music (we’ll leave the fact that I can blind keyboard navigate not only into iTunes and make it play, but also to the particular album I wanted as well), I just couldn’t make the screen work.  I checked with Jaertes’ external monitor and learned that it wasn’t getting signal either.

Took it to the repair shop, they’re saying that my video card is somewhat fried, and while they think they can fix it entirely on Apple’s dime, I’m still without my baby for five or so days, right in the middle of peak essay season.

So hold my laptop in your thoughts, hope that it comes back intact and that it really was the video card that cooked, ’cause it it’s not that it’s the power supply/distribution thing, which Apple won’t be on the hook for, and will cost me a lot of money.  Mother has offered to pitch in, but … I’d prefer not to need that, even.

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