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What Now, Emokid?!

March 25, 2009

In planning our latest party, 3/4 the lads of Victory Manor found ourselves making a slight sub-plan as or more enthusiastically than our plans for costumes or the party itself.  I’m going to tell you that story first.  We’ll get to the party itself later.

Suffice to say this story is improved by knowing that Jaertes was in costume as an Emokid for the party, and that’s roughly enough information.

Jaertes, though nominally one of the roomies, in fact spends most of his time living at his girlfriend’s place and was thus not around to a) plan the party, or b) prevent plans against him.  After hearing from Jottos about a friend of his whose room was entirely saran-wrapped while she was in class, we were inspired, but decided to be a touch more ambitious.  We decided to fill his room with something. Newspaper and packing peanuts and the like were eliminated because of both the immense cleanup and nuisance of producing the material.  However, we struck on balloons as a possible option and ran with it.  We bought two pounds of assorted balloons at the MegaDollarStore in downtown Kitchener, as well as a few other packages of miscellaneous balloons we found elsewhere and spent the better part of the week inflating and bagging them,  then storing them out of Jaertes’ sight.

Part of the premise of the joke was that he and his girlfreind would have just been in the room when we filled it, and would have to return shortly so the feat would have been accomplished in a seemingly impossibly short timeframe.

We decided that when Jaertes started running flipcup would be the perfect time – while not predictable, per sé, he always plays two or three rounds before running upstairs for more beer.  We had a window of about 20 minutes, tops, and the moment he started gathering people for the game, Jottos, Jethe and I dashed upstairs and recruited Nephele to assist Jethe in keeping people out of the upstairs.  We claimed “drama” was occurring, and left it at that.  Jottos and I, meanwhile, dashed frantically between our hiding place and Jaertes’ room with garbage bags filled with balloons, emptying them into the room as fast as we could manage.  At the 10 minute mark, we had all but two bags into the room and – perfect timing of all perfect timing ever – Jaertes and girlfriend wanted to replentish their beer supply.  We dumped the last two bags, stuffed a few strays through the door as we gathered garbage bags, and shut the door as he reached the landing.  By the time he was in the upstairs hall, Jottos and I were drinking cheerfully in front of the shut bathroom door, Jethe was still gossiping with Nephele on the stairs, and everything appeared normal.

He opened the door with “Wha- … How the fuck?!”

After a long moment, he just dove in, yelling “You’ve made me the happiest emo alive!”

This is definately the happiest emo alive.

Please note that the balloons are level with or above his bed: matress, box spring, and four-inch bedframe. There were a lot of balloons.

Note: Jethe took photos of our balloon stash before they went into the room, I’ll toss those up as soon as they’re on the internet.

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