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March 16, 2009

Edit: If you’re coming to the story now, you should probably go back to the start and read from there, or this post will not only not make much sense, but spoil what happened. 

Hahahaha.  We’ve finally solved the mobile-fridge mystery!

After all that freaking out, all the speculation about burglars and unexpected visitis and hijinks and all that, it was solved in a pretty mundane way.  Seems Jethe ran into the culprit on the street, and he fessed up in conversation with him.  Alpheos, it seems, dropped by to see if any of us were in, and noting that we were out decided to screw with us a little.  He wasn’t even supposed to be in this city, for fuckssakes, he’s on Co-Op in Toronto somewhere.  If we’d known he was in town, he’d’ve been an immediate suspect, but … He’s not supposed to be here, and definately not supposed to be sneaking into our house and moving our fridge, trying to spook the shit out of us.

And it worked.  I shat a brick or six, and was genuinely confused.  We all were.  And rather spooked, as well.

Goddamnit, Alpheos, you dirty trickster you.

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  1. March 18, 2009 11:32 am

    Darn! And here I was hoping that the culprit was W. A. Booley!!!


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