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March 14, 2009

If you’re not familiar with the Vancouver band Mother Mother, I’m pretty sure you should be.  They’re up there with Shout Out Out Out Out in terms of medium-size Canadian bands that deserve to be much bigger than they currently are.

I’d heard their stuff back in Vancouver, but never really paid them much heed.  I really found them via Strenua’s recommendation, and got into their stuff over the past few months.  Jethe has been roughly matching my discovery, and called my up shitting a brick or two with excitement when he noticed that The Bombshelter (our student pub) had booked them for its concert series.  We got ourselves some presale tickets, and started getting hyped up.

Show was last night, and it was everything we hoped for.   Other than the second opener, the whole show was perfect, the band played every song I could have reasonably hoped they would, and did a fantastic job of all of them – even less party songs like “Polynesia,” “Sleep Awake” or “Neighbour” were ramped up a little for the crowd’s sake, and didn’t drop the mood at all.

Jethe and I took bets as to which song they’d open with, he was gunning of “O My Heart” or “Dirty Town,” their two big party numbers, I was betting on “Verbatim” or “Wrecking Ball,” both dance-ey tracks that wouldn’t use up a strong party track that early in the show.  We were both wrong, getting “Hayloft” which was perfect but we’d forgotten about.

O My Heart was saved to near the end, and Dirty Town, along with Polynesia, Ghosting, Train of Thought and Sleep Awake were all saved for the five song encore(!!!) which massively thrilled us.

Here’s the music video for their latest single, “O My Heart,” for your viewing / listening pleasure.

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