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A Brief Story About Intoxication

March 11, 2009

Back in the day while I was dating Saoysha, I remember having a bit of a “PANIC” moment the morning after a party.

Here’s how it went down.

I’d been out with the Little Perfect kids, and we’d all gotten quite drunk at Perun’s place, hit the beach, drank more, and stumbled back to his place after the cops turned up to remind us that the beach had been closed for the past 3 hours.

The party continued there for a few more hours, with more than a few great moments.  I don’t recall them all, but other than where this story is eventually going, I recall Radigast turning out his cuffs and unleashing a pile of sand onto Perun’s floor – at which point he decided that there was sand everywhere in his clothes, and promptly disrobed down to his boxers, while hunting through the house for a broom so someone could sweep the sand off him.

He passed out in the broom closet, spooning the broom, wearing nothing but his boxers.

Which is similar to what happened to me, really. 

I woke up on the floor whith Ragana stepping on me; next to Albasta in the bed above me, wrapped in half the duvet (split with Albasta on the bed above) and wearing nothing but underwear and socks.  I freaked.  No clue how this’d happened, was quite concerned I might not have been … honourable.  Over the next hour and a cup or six of coffee, we pieced together what’d happened and was greatly relieved by what the group had recalled.

My first guess was that Something had happened, and I’d fallen out of bed.  Thankfully, no.  Then I realized that Albasta was wearing my clothes.  I was more confused.

Apparently … what’d happened was that Albasta, Ragana, Ajyasi, Egle and I had gone back to the beach for a swim, and Albasta had jumped in fully clothed.  I’d then given her my clothes to walk back in, while I was wearing my swim shorts, and she was going to swipe Perun’s sister’s clothes when we got to the house.

Except she was trashed, and immediately passed out in the bed when we got there.  I never got my clothes back, and didn’t borrow Perun’s ’cause I kept thinking she’d wake up any moment.  So I partied a while in my boxers, then was feeling like crashing.  I decided that the perfect way to get my clothes back was to crash nearby.  I initially swiped the bed next to her, and decided that that would look bad tomorrow morning. Next best option was, of course, on the floor next to Albasta so that when she woke up, she’d wake me up.  Then I got cold and stole blankets from her.

After we’d passed out, Ragana had been looking for a place to crash, and subsequently took the other side of the bed from Albasta.  Getting up, she’s stepped on me next to the bed, waking me up and starting the whole panic.

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