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February 26, 2009

So I’ve sworn off most of the internet for Lent.


It’s going to be ugly.  Jethe & I cut a deal, though, that he’d stop smoking if I quit the internet.  Admitting he’d likely slip, we renegotiated so I had a more realistic end of the affair – I’ve cut out all the “fun” places on the internet, keeping only communication tools and research for school.

I’m not one of those people that loses hours to Facebook (Facebook Graffiti is a different beastr alltogether, I’m still debating if that counts as art or wasting time) so I have no issue leaving that one on the list; and I have too many stories I owe you, Internet, to give up on the blog for the next 40 (well, 39 now) days.  And email is a necessary evil of being in school and having a job.  So communication stays.  In the same vein, the need to do my schoolwork with the assistance of the internet is an unfortunate necessity that I really can’t lose.  My marks would suffer further, and I can’t afford that.

What is off is browsing and blowing time.  Youtube, flashgames, browsing … Reddit.  Ohgod, I’m going to miss my Reddit account.  But god knows I’ve burnt ridiculous amounts of time there, and hopefully I’ll break that habit and be able to get more shit done on the day to day basis.

So.  Rough few weeks coming up, but it’ll be a fun challenge at least.

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