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New Years

February 4, 2009

While I was in town, I had a little bit of a list of everyone it was important to see before it came time to trek back to Waterloo again: Acidalia, Rachel, Emmaoa, Saoysha, Tallu, Eshma, Thixo, the various Little Perfect kids, and Kurunta.

Not all of those panned out, sadly, Kurunta was sick, I only saw Acidalia briefly at the open house and again when she swung in to visit with Rachel.  I did get to hang out with Rachel, though, and spent a good day shopping with Tallu, her boyfriend, and her sister.  Of the Little Perfect kids, I only saw Albasta, who I went for drinks and a romp at the park with; I’d had tentative plans to do New Years with her, but when her plans for the night boilt down to a night at Ragana’s boyfriend’s place doing not much with very few people, I was keeping an eye out for other things.

I gave Saoysha a call on the 29th, wondering if she was up for drinks and catching up, and while I got her, Eshma was also there, and very determined to swipe the phone and say hi.  Not that I’d object or anything, it just amused me.  In the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I had no fixed New Years plans, and was promptly invited to a party up in Gibsons.   It was her boyfriend Belesh’s cousin or somesuch.  Not quite what I’d planned on, but reasonable enough.

We ran up there in the afternoon, catching a 5 or so ferry after stopping for burgers and beer in Horseshoe Bay.  Eshma and I slept the entire way across, waking up just in time to catch the announcement that we should return to our vehicle.  Belesh drove, I tried to navigate.  We got hasty and turned earlier than we should’ve ’cause water drops on the map had made the ink smudge on the name of the street we had to turn at.  We got more lost after stopping to buy liquor and leaving the parking lot the wrong way.  Half an hour later, we were back on track and pulling up at the house.  It was a nice, spacious house, filled with hippies, booze, and food.

They spent most of the night cooking and drinking, actually, there was a lentil stew just off the stove when we arrived, over the course of the night there was also a salad, both cheese & chocolate fondues, and something they called “spoon loaves” which seemed to be hollowed-out bread shells, filled with mixtures of fillings and bread crumbs, then baked into something deliciously like bread/stew/soup.  I tried both the garlic-cheese-spinach variety and the cheddar-black bean type.  They were delicious, I plan on trying my own versions some time.

But the party went on. There were the classic drinking games, there was copious ganja moving around the party, and booze flowed freely throughout.  It was a good evening.  As the night closed in on 12:00, we congregated in the living room, starting into a drum circle/chanting as we counted down to the New Year.  At the stroke of, we popped a few bottles of champagne and swilled it back as we continued dancing throughout.

The night wound down in time, as they all tend to.  Eshma and I bickered about science and religion and philosophy and all that into the wee hours of the night.  As well as the one amusing (sort of) kicker to the night.  A gal I’d been introduced to at the start of the night, had vaguely thought had been hitting on me all evening, and had been avoiding ’cause I thought she was in a relationship with another gal at the party … well … actually had been hitting on me.  Turns out that not only were they not an item, she was straight and had been interested.  Dammit.

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  1. February 7, 2009 2:39 pm

    glad u were able to enjoy yourself here despite the crappy weather we received!! getting around in it was so not fun for me.

    Belesh drove me. I did shit-all and chilled in the back seat. It was awesome.

  2. February 10, 2009 11:01 pm


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