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Food That’ll Kill Me

December 31, 2008

Yet again, while studying I found myself distracted by cooking.

And, as is typical, cooking food that no sane health-conscious person would dare consume in any other circumstance.

While prepping for my finals, I decided to again take a shot at frying things.  However, I lacked chicken to fry, so last year’s successes were not to be repeated.  Instead I found in my fridge more … unhealthy fare.  Bacon. And cheddar cheese.  My first attempt used dry dip in an attempt to use the bacon’s drippings to create a batter.  They were crispy, but not battered per-se.  I tried again the morning after, using a wet batter made of chicken stock, flour, and seasonings.  I dipped each side a few times until the it was well-coated, and then dropped them into the hot grease.

They fried up well, getting cooked on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside.  I then applied cheese to the top of each, so that each strip was adorned with melted cheese.

They were then enjoyed with a nice beer and a cigar in the attic, while my Social Psychology text sat neglected at my side.

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