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On Vampires

November 25, 2008

Calyso has recently succumbed to Twilight-mania.  She’s read all three books, seen the movie twice, and seems to be fully indulging in all the same little fantasies and all that junk that come with the books.  Edward Cullen is now the greatest thing since sliced bread, and Gods gift to women everywhere.  Victory Manor has heard a lot about her enthusiasm for Twilight recently.  Every time she’s over, it comes up somehow and we all sit and nod and grin and endure a gush-fest over how deeply romantic the whole thing is.

You think we should have known better, then, than to continue pressing our luck in the following incident.  But no.  Jaertes and I both love trolling, and Calyso has such rabid enthusiasms that she’s depressingly easy to get going.  (Dark Knight, anyone?  I can milk that for hours to drive her around the bend.)

Anyway, the business at hand.

After one such discussion, Jaertes and I got Major Shit from Cakyso for saying that Twilight’s vampires aren’t … “real” vampires. They can go out in the sun, for chrissakes. And vegetarian?! What’s that shit? It really was all downhill from there.  We both agreed in that we both see vampires according to traditional mythology, that being, somthing Other Than Human.  Ex-Human, but definately Other.  We then got even more shit for saying that if we went vampire, we’d start seeing humans as food. Kinda like cows.

Predictably (in hindsight) she put herself in the herione’s place rather than following the conversation, and “…so if you were a vampire, you would see me as … food?”

…Suffice to say, I’ve found another thing to add to the list of Things Not To Say If I Want Sex Soon.

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