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Bookin’ It, Boozed & Soaked

November 18, 2008

I attended Demeter’s 19th birthday on Friday.  Crossed town to her place, had a few drinks, met her friends, had a few more drinks, then we all migrated to transit and on our way to Philthy McNasty’s – a rather generic sports bar just down the road from my house.

Her house is 20 minutes or so by bike from Victory Manor, so it was a bit of a trek to get there.  Chilly, but not particularly bad.  We transited to the bar, had a few more drinks there, and moved on around midnight.  We opted to cab it to Caesars at which point I “generously” picked up the fare (We’d’ve had to cab it home, and that’s a longer trip, taking this fare got me off the next one.)

Caesars was closed, but one of the blokes we were with talked our way in on account of Demeter’s birtday.  We had a couple more drinks, while I was exchanging odd & confusing messages with Calyso, and soon enough, the lights came on and it was time to head home.  We all cabbed it back to Demeter’s, where I sat with her friends and drank more, fully intending to claim her sofa and spend the night.  Out of the blue, my phone went again, and it’s a somewhat panicked message from Jaertes, at home: “Dude.  Calysos here.”


Well.  I figured anything important enough to have the girlfriend just turn up at the Manor like that must be rather critical; we had had a conversation a while back about how much I disliked such surprise visits, so…  I got up, re-corked my wine, and started packing up, while at the same time explaining what I understood to Demeter.

Packed up, I jumped on my bike, and started – I made it half a block before I was shivering and soaked to the skin; it was raining Vancouver-strong, but in Ontario temperatures.  I seriously considered turning back, only two things keeping me going: I was already wet, there were warm dry clothes at home, and Calyso would probably be really pissed if I didn’t turn up.

I learned the true cost of my lacking front fender on the way down the first hill, as the rain drenched me from above, the front wheel showered me from below, making absolutely certain that no part of me remained dry on the ride home.

20 minutes later, I stumbled through the door to the Manor, immediately bee-lining it upstairs towards dry clothing.  Warmer & drier, I proceeded to pry the story out of Calyso: seems shit had Blown Up at home, and she peaced to our house.

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  1. November 18, 2008 1:33 pm

    that is the sweetest thing i’ll hear all day

    I can only conlude that you’d had a crappy day, given that I was whinging that I had to leave at all, not so much expressing that I crossed town to see her, but because I had no other option.

    But thanks, your interpretation makes me sound much more generous.

  2. November 18, 2008 8:11 pm


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