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Rockstar Rampage

November 7, 2008

One of the most memorable parties I’ve been to was Susina’s housewarming back at The Renfew – notably, the rockstar themed debauchery-fest.  As I said when I ran over the party on here, nothing particularly spectacular happened that go-round, but at the same time, we had a fucking blast.  The costumes were a load of fun, and it was a generally good night.

Add to that that a “rockstar” costume is pretty damned easy to concoct and accessable to pretty much everyone, and you have a great gateway party to Victory Manor putting on regular costume/theme parties.

So, we threw one.

Scheduled for the beginning of October, we invited everyone we knew last year, everyone we met this year, and just went nuts.  All of us went fairly overboard with costuming, and did everything we could to exhort our guests to do likewise.

Out house turned, briefly, into an utter hive of preparation getting us all set up with costumes and partygoers and booze and everything else needed to make the event a stunning success.  We plotted costumes and purchsed snacks and cleaned like mad and generally got in each others’ way to get the house and ourselves ready.  Two massive trips to Value Village later and we were good to go – costumed & set to rock.

Jaertes was done up as one of the Blueman Group, Jethe was David Bowie, and Jottos was Prince.  I did myself up as Elvis, and the main costumes were ready to go.  Yiacchus and Calyso turned up, the former as Keith Richards and the latter as “Whoracula” – trying for some sort of generic emogoth starlet look.

Elvis, Prince, Whoracula, Bowie, Blueman, ??, Keith Richards, and Johnny Cash

From left: Elvis, Prince, Whoracula, Bowie, Blueman, ??, Keith Richards, and Johnny Cash

We had phenominal turnout, with around 30 people in the house by 10:30 or so.  Just as well, really, given that Calyso got on my case for not drinking fast enough around quarter past, at which point I pretty much chugged a bottle of wine on the spot so I could reply with “FINE.  How’s that, woman?!”

This is definately the point where I should have stopped drinking.

This is definately the point where I should have stopped drinking.

Well.  Dumb as fuck idea, and sadly I didn’t quite get the idea that this should have been quittin’ time.  I’d have that dangerous amount where pretty much anything tastes good and proceeded to start in on a second bottle of wine – which I was mightily puzzled to find empty an hour later.  I would have sword blue that someone else had done it, were I not utterly certain that I’d not actually put it down.

…Fucking ninjas…

But no.  No such luck.  I’d finished it, and it hit me like the hammer of a vengeful god about 15 minutes later.  Just in time for me to get a call from Celaena and Kalai telling me they were arriving soon.  “Ohshit.  I should be sort of sensible when they arrive or I’ll get in trouble…” And there, my friends, was the leadup to the dumbest idea I’ve ever had, drunk or sober.  Far in exess of stupidity of anything involving fire, gas, liquor, women or any unholy combination of those elements – “…I should go for a run, to sober up!”

No, Earthman, no.  That’s a terrible idea.  …But it happened anyway.  I took off out the front door at a run, out to go around the block.  The only person who recalls seeing me leaving was Alther, who swears I told him I was leaving for another party.  Regardless, I was thrilled to hear this from him, ’cause no one else recalls seeing me leave, or was even aware I went running.  And run I did.  Around the block, twice, and back into the house.  At which point I’d gotten my internal chemistry all excited again, and immediately proceeded to the Porcelain Throne, definately not passing “Go” or collecting … anything.

Really, I was on my way to disgorge something.  It’s like the opposite of collection, I guess.  And it was definately not $200.  It was also not much of anything.  That whole “going for a run” business meant everything in my gut got processed much faster when the activity spiked my metabolism, and getting blood flowing faster just got everything in me to my brain that much faster.  It was an utter miracle that I didn’t get serious alcohol poisoning that night.  In that vein, though, I owe Janacea a huge debt of gratitude.

She was almost as done as I was, and I’m pretty sure she found me while stumbling upstairs for a place to be shitfaced on her own.  She was the one who took care of me while I vomited, and then kept me from passing out until I’d cleaned up enought that it was safe to lie down and sleep.  She woke me up twice to make me go hover over the toilet so there was no way I’d be vomiting in an uncontrolled situation.  Janacea may not have save my life, but I’d put it up there as a definate possibility.  I really shouldn’t have been upstairs unattended – let alone in that state.  And she turned up at the right moment to keep an eye on me.

So I ended up getting in trouble from Calyso for having some strange girl in my room, but, well, fuck that, I was in a bad state and she salvaged my sorry ass from any further misfortunes.

The night ended with people pretty much passed out all over our house, and when i got up in the morning for my shower & coffee, I found people in the oddest places possible.  Jorua was out on our cot – with the head end collapsed, and Semele was on the bench in our front entrance on my way to the kitchen, then back on some chairs in our dining room when I got out of the shower.  Jaertes was on the floor of our living room, given that we’d put Janacea up in his room, while Jethe was asleep in his floor – drunken logic saying that if there was no one to share his bed with, he might as well not use it.  Calyso found me while my coffee was brewing, having slept in Jottos’ closet in a snit.

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