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That’s not the name on the tag…

October 29, 2008

We have our foodstuffs tagged with cute little signs to tell folks what they might be buying, and I’m continuously amused by folks’ capacity to misread the signs.

At Community Cup, panties were an ongoing joke, merely because of the number of people who mispronounced panini and panni – sounding much like panty.  Just try saying all three out loud, quickly.  It’ll make much more sense then.

Anyway, back on topic, Cafe KW carries all sorts of amusing food items, amongst them a Waldorf Salad, which apparently is among the greatest linguistic challenges to face Ontario in a while.  I get all sorts of amusing bastardizations of the name, but the best so far was the order for the “Dumbledore-  … Dumbledorf? …Salad.  The green one!”

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