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October 29, 2008

Everyone makes fun of how little work Arts students do, and for the most part it’s only partly true.  We have our own share of hard work and essays and the like, and generally trade off relatively easy schooling for low employability after graduation.

However, sitting in Philosophy of Business Ethics & Morals last night, I realised arts kids had reached a new low in terms of slack classes.  The entire class was divided into four person groups, sitting around tables in the lecture hall playing Asshole for bonus marks.

It was a lesson in capitalist/socialist social structure; where each group selected a style of governance and then played cards to determine who gained what reward.  The Prez/Pleb card exchange simulated the forces keeping the top on top and the bottom down, and in the end, each player got bonus marks according to their position in the game.  In the capitalist model, there were more marks overall, but the bottom two got 1% and 0%, respectively.  In the socialist model, there were less overall marks, but the bottom two got 1.5% and 1% – no one lost out on marks entirely.

We played five rounds and had a fairly good time, but the best part was definately telling my hardworking roommates about what we did in class.

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