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Spoon Heater

October 28, 2008

Sometimes the things that people notice shock me.  Better yet, the assumptions they come to from those are often even better.

We have a thermometer we keep in our spoon caddy next to the espresso machine – most cafes have one, they’re kind of a catchall tool.  Some cafes (Starbucks being the most notable.) use their thermometer to measure the milk temperature to try and hit the sweet spot while steaming, we prefer to use ours mostly for training purposes and quality control, as well as using the point for etching on foam and for knocking holes in the top of boxes of chai.

Punter noticed the thermometer the other day, and asked about it.  I was impressed he’d noticed, and did agree that the article in question was indeed a thermometer.  He immediately followed up by asking what temperature we were keeping our spoons at.


When I told him we didn’t keep our spoons heated, he seemed quite disappointed.  Let down, even.  I’m not quite sure what temperature he was hoping we would be keeping them at, but…  We plainly weren’t.

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