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“Wear Jeans if You’re Queer Day”

October 20, 2008

…I hate it when activists can’t just be simplistic creatures with basic messages.

Sadly, the message has gotten a little garbled at UW recently.  We have a little event called “Wear Jeans if You’re Queer Day,” put on by GLOW, UW’s LBGT association.  They’re cool folks, but plainly a little too highbrow for our general student body.  See, their intended message for queer jeans day was that being Bent is a non-visible characteristic, and that anyone could be Bent and you’d not know it unless they told you.

“The purpose of this “event” is to raise visibility and awareness of the queer community, by illustrating that being queer is an invisible status and just as anyone you know can wear jeans, anyone you know could be queer.”

See?  Pretty clever, huh?  …Pity the rest of campus doesn’t get it.  Hell, I didn’t until I checked their event page to find out if they were trying for irony points or not. So campus is filled with insecure, confused guys who forgot about the event and wore jeans – now wondering if we all think they’re gay or not.

So while all the GLOW kids are seeing the campus population in their standard uniform of jeans, tee-shirts, and sweaters and thinking “Fuck, we’re so damn clever, look at all those people getting our message, showing us support…”; everyone else is looking at everyone else in the same uniform and wondering “Hm, wonder if they forgot today was queer jeans day?”

See, nowhere did GLOW bother to publish the message they were trying to get across.  There’s little knots of students around the posters that went up, complaining either “Fuck, I’d totally have worn something else if I’d known…” or “Why couldn’t they pick something more distinctive?  I really wanted to show support, but no one can tell…”

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