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September 23, 2008

…Nothing kills enjoyment of a conversation like the depressing sensation that you might’ve already heard this one.

When it becomes evident that not only is the conversation based on something read on the internet, but also isn’t appropriately credited, one suddenly not only feels down on the conversation itself, but also finds oneself doubting previous wit from the same individual.  Given that this bloke has long been a source of amusement to us all, well, calling his wit into question is a pretty depressing thing.

And there’s no way this was some sort of bizarre coincidence.

He was discussing Cracked‘s “8 Classic Movies That Got Away With Gaping Plot Holes” – except he only brought up 4 movies.  We got home before we moved onto the rest.  However, he touched on each one in the exact same order that it came up in the article, as well as quoting verbatim many of the jokes.

In fairness, Cracked does a lot of articles, and they’re all mostly-entertaining, but … dammit.  Bloke was one of my favourite witty folks we run with, and now being unable to take any of his wit as genuine, I’m crushed.  Every time he’s being clever, I can’t help but wonder where he got it from, whether or not it’s just something that I’ve not seen yet.

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