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A First Run-In

September 17, 2008

So I arrived back in Kitcherloo on the second, welcomed to my house by the 2 of the Apostles, and within mere moments we were running hence to the LCBO in search of libations.  Jaertes and Jethe were well into a state of half-cut when I arrived, haveing abrogated their setup of our house in favour of drinking on the front porch.  Well fuelled with further tipple from LCBO, we chaised about about and sat, lollygagging at passerby, until dark.

At which point, well sotted, we noted that there was yet furniture in our backyard and dewfall had struck.  With great vitae, we set to bruting our various artcles of furniture through apertures most certainly too small for the task at hand.

Regardless, we triumphed in some sense or another and returned to our libations.  However, restlessness struck and we found ourselves struck by an immediate need to shift locale.  So, we wandered.  Jethe took off one way towards Philthy’s and Jaertes and I took off towards campus(es) to see what the froshies were up to, and it was anything worth the effort of sneaking into.

In the course of this we picked up a few other friends as we wandered, including Yiaccus, who we found outside of a FUBAR, just debating entry.  We convinced him of a superior proposition, and ambled forth to catch up with Jethe and Biam’s group.  Finding our inted coves at Timmy’s, we proceeded to the nearest bar to find still more folks to have drinks with.  Well half-seas over as we wandered, my addled mind espied something shiny, something brightly coloured sitting neglected on it’s side on the lawn … “that’d make a fucking great hat!”  So I donned my pylon and started strutting – about 10 feet, before the local constabulatory pulled up and told me to put it back.  Shitshitshitshit.  So Prince Blue tried very hard to give me a stern talking-to as I leaned well in the window of his car. Seems I had a hand in ruining the Stern And Solemn through mere vitue of the chorus of buffoons behind me, as well as all and sundry wandering by, all staring at my ass sticking comically out the window of this car as I leaned as far in as possible.

Prince Blue eventually got that the Buffoons wanted to move on and would continue destroying his Stern And Solemn moment until they got to leave, equally evident being that they weren’t leaving without me.  He did, however, redeem his frustration by running my ID and giving me what he called an Official Warning.  (Remember this warning, Dear Internet, this comes into play in further adventures.)

We meandered onto the bar, Prince Blue cruising slowly alongside our herd as we caroused our merry way down the sidewalk.  So, in true form, we arrived at the bar in true state, with full police escort (for all the wrong reasons, mind you).

The rest of the night is eminantly forgettable, but the fact that I got Run and Warned for sousedly finding a new hat did warrant somewhat of a story for you, Dear Internet.

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  1. September 17, 2008 5:23 pm

    You would have fit right in at the Renaissance Festival, methinks.

    HAHAHA. We’re going to one this weekend – apparently it’s in the park just down the road from our house.

  2. September 17, 2008 5:27 pm

    also, if i was soused enough, i probably would have hit on the cop, if he was cute enough. actually scratch that, the fact that he is a cop would have been enough.

    Not this one. The one the night after, though, I can see people hitting on. …If he wasn’t a homophobic dick, that is. …But that’s a story for later.

  3. September 18, 2008 9:37 pm


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