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Spam on Love

September 9, 2008

Sometimes, it seems, spam comes with unintended depths…

Hi, gentleman

Speaking about attention do you know that some women think that the more man loves the more gifts he make? Well, of course everything depends on how big his salary is, but anyway “real love” is not a twig of lilac, but a million of roses. Let’s think about this a diamond of the first water doesn’t mean a love of the first water. Any girl feels by intuition if the gift was done right from the heart. Or this is just a formality on the occasion of some holiday? Lease for the lack of attention? Let her get her “toy” and leave you alone? Kickshaw, but the one you mentioned once and he kept it in mind – this is what dearly! A surprise, even if it’s not due to some huge financial expanses, is priceless! A person who really loves will never waste words here and there, showing his real love exactly this way. It’s only in the movies, when a husband calls his wife from work and ends the phone conversation with “I love you”. Modern men keep silence about this but this absolutely doesn’t mean that they don’t love us. But the main is time your man spends with you, to the prejudice of his rest from work, his friends, family. If my man will spend hours and days on me, and not minutes (on the phone, in letters – doesn’t matter) – I think here it is possible to speak about love.  So, what do you think, do you want to write me back or you guess I am too difficult for you? Am I demanding? I think I am, but I know the borders of my demands and I think I don’t ask for unreal things I just want to be the one, the only one and forever, finally this is what waits for all of us and there is nothing bad in knowing what you want to see in your partner and in wishing him to be the best in the world.
And… I am here [Website link removed]

Sweet goodbye

Lena L.

So, uh…  Wow.  I’ve never had romance advice via spam that made any sort of sense … at least, in a form that wasn’t “Hurrrrr you need bigger cock to make woman love you!”  And then in my inbox this morning is this charming, slighly jumbled piece of prose about how women like suprises of any size and investing time in them is always the best way to make the love you and how modern man is a feeling-repressed creature.

I’m … excited.  At this rate I’ll be getting spam about Particle Physics or Kantian Moral Theory.

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