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Limited Knowledge

September 8, 2008

I was recently confronted by a somewhat horrifying lack of knowledge on the part of some co-workers.

As in, older, traditionally-based Sex Ed is rearing it’s ugly head, and leaving even me with places of education I don’t particularly want to tread.

For instance, the one girl who had a lot of uncontrolled sex, simply because she figured her only options were The Pill and condoms, objecting to The Pill because of an objection to putting loads of artificial hormones in her body, and just neglecting to keep condoms on hand when she might be having sex.

None of the numerous other options had even come up, apparently, and the idea of, for instance, the IUD just hadn’t even occurred, let alone patches or the quarterly/annual injections.

Or another nice gal of the same era, who simply understood nothing of male sexual function save what would be learned on the schoolyard and reading Cosmo.  So, really, nothing at all.  You could literally see lights going on in her head as the conversation progressed, and the simple things that had been missed were just shocking.  Like the fact that there’s any degree of psychological or emotional componant to male arousal, in that the presence of an erection is not the sole precursor to a man’s amourous mindset.

Or the fact that the presence of precum wasn’t equivalent to climax.  “What?  There’s fluid, he must’ve come, right?”  …I was beyond dumbfounded.  It’s not as though we’ve not been in bed with gents before or anything.  She’s hardly inexperienced.  Just … uneducated.

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  1. September 9, 2008 3:52 pm

    wow, that poor uneducated girl! Didn’t her father teach her anything!?! 😛

    (and if someone out there actually had a child abuse issue in their past, then boy do i feel like an asshole)

    sex is fun!

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