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August 6, 2008

I have new art for you, Internet.  It’s not supposed to be me, honest.  But it seems to have turned out that way, regardless.  Everyone insists that it really is me.  Even if it’s not supposed to look that way.

I worked so unbelievably hard on the splashes and the water – only to get it all together and note that I’d forgotten to ripple the water around the pilings.  Enter me setting full transperancy for pretty much everything to get that in there.  Somewhat nervously, ’cause I wasn’t sure I could correct the problem particularly easily.

Additionally, the kid was done at probably 7′ x 7′ resolution in a different canvas entirely, just ’cause I wanted to have all the detail in there right and then scale appropriately, rather than angst about being unable to get details the way I wanted them after starting too small.  All the light & shadow, except the balloon, was done as guesswork before the light source was in the same image.

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