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Stickin’ To The Terms

August 4, 2008

As per my goal of only documenting the awesome in my adventures, well, I’ve not been online much.  As intimated in my recent complaints about the weather, I’ve not been at 100%.  Really, in all honesty, I’ve been way off kilter, and not really enjoying much of my surroundings.

This isn’t so much a majestic return to Grand Old Form as it is a desperate flailing grasp at my writing capacities in order to hold fast in the extent that I can to my enjoyment of blogging, and, moreso – in forcing myself to write, I’m covering recent successes and amusements based on a intuitive leaning that doing such may just serve to improve my general condition.

I can only assume there must be a grain of truth somewhere within all that New Age positive focus energies crap.

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