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Sometimes, Attention is Important

August 4, 2008

It seems to me that when one is paying for a service, one would be well advised to remain aware of to whom their money is going regarding the service; and in the same manner, aware to whom one is not paying money.

Oddly, this doesn’t seem to be the case. I routinely receive calls requesting service for people belonging to any of the other auto groups out here.  They phone in, proudly tell me their BCAA number or Roadstar policy number or their username (I forget what service this was, but they were registered by username, rather than number.  Amusing.), and then demand service X, before, generally, becoming livid when told that we won’t actually be sending anyone.  Often, shortly after, there’s “Well, I pay $$$ for this service, and how dare you… blablablabla RANT.”  In the course of this, I’ve worked out that most of us have fairly similar price schemes, barring those that come free with a vehicle.  The fun part of this is not so much the yelling, and more the awkward sheeping silence when their tirade peters out and they’re politely informed that they’ve not actually reached organization X, we’re actually Mobile Wrench, and if they’d like to sign up, we’d be happy to have them – otherwise they should call their actual club for service.

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