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July 22, 2008

It could have poured horrific quantities of rain and had an attendance of 30 people and had no other shows at all while still costing the exact same thing, and the Vancouver Folk Music Festival could have still been the best ever.

Why, you may ask?

Spirit Of The West played.  More specifically, they played “Home For A Rest,” live, and I was in the front fucking row.  Holy shit. It was … without parallel.  Phenominal.  I jumped and danced and sang along as loud as I could with the entire rest of the crowd, and that moment, right there, made the weekend completely.  Everything else could have gone wrong, and I would still have loved it, just because I saw Spirit Of The West play Home For A Rest, live.

I’m sure pretty much anyone reading this suspects me of hyperbole, or questions my mental state, if I’d be so fickle as to balance my entire enjoyment of the weekend on a single song played by one band.  First, let me reassure you that the weekend was fabulous, and had it gone otherwise unchanged save that moment, I still would have had a wonderful time.

However, “Home For A Rest” has been associated with so many good times that it does have such power.  In my mind, there is no song associated with more good times, there is no single object and very few people with whom I have so consistantly had good experiences.  At summer camp, Camp Fircom, Home For A Rest recieved continuous play, and every time the entire staff went nuts, while hoping to nothing else that the kids didn’t pause to listen to the lyrics.  It was on the must-play list for getting pumped up for games of benchball, the quintessential camp sport.

Scout camps, too, played Home For A Rest every time.  It was never not played.  And the entire camp would go batshit, howling the lyrics to the sky and dancing like mad.  Any site playing the song of their own accord seemed to inevitably attract an imprompteau dance party, regardless of how wierd they were, or how far from the center of camp they were.

That song has been there for it all.

And I saw it live, by the guys who made it famous.  (I must note that this is not a Great Big Sea song.  I’ve never heard a cover even, every track cited as a GBS cover is Spirit Of The West, again.) My weekend would have been hard pressed to beat that.

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