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Writing Another Blog … About Blogging … and Language

July 15, 2008

Y’know what gets me?  We have this delightfully specific language, all of which is devoted to putting together delightfully clear and concise and easy to understand ideas in such a manner that all my comprehend whatever inane thought happens to be passing through one’s head at any given moment, and someone comes along and cocks it up.

This is like the Memes.  To reiterate that one: Memes ≠ Quizzes.  A meme is a viral conceptual unit that has the capacity to be transmitted like a virus amongst the population.  An internet quiz is memetic; that is, having meme-like properties, but not A Meme in and of itself.  You do not “fill out another meme” ’cause you’re bored, at least.  Not grammatically.

Blogging seems to confuse people in the same way.  “Writing another blog about X…” gets used a lot, often for a single post.  “New Blog Today!” was another I saw to inspire this.  They were talking about single posts.  To clarify, a “Blog” is the whole entity.  A post is a single unit.  This may seem obvious, if so, you’ve likely given up and stopped reading.

Think of a Encyclopedia.  You don’t just sit down and write and encyclopedia on wasps, you write an entry on wasps.  (Or, well, you don’t, ’cause who the fuck write encyclopedia entries on wasps?)  The blog/post differential is much the same.  A blog is a whole unit, and a post is a piece of the larger whole.

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