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July 15, 2008

I’ve heard nothing but abuse from the masses regarding Telus.  There was that debacle a few years back where they were cited in some manner for having absurdly long wait times for customer service, and there’s a neverending litany of hatred regarding atrocious service, long wait times, and uncaring staff.  In one of their area stores, even, we were recommended to go the retail route based entirely on how long it’d take us to get head office’s call center to do what we wanted.  We were warned that a 20-minture wait time would not only be average, but relatively reasonable.

I called in anyway; we tried retail and couldn’t make it work without their intervention…

…I got “Anthony” in under a minute.  After a brief confirm-your-identity quiz, we set to.  I outlined my problem, he looked up similar issues, and ran me throught he standard battery of trouble shooting.  No dice.  I confirmed that I’d been able to perform the same task with different machines previously.  We tried a few more things, then he narrowed it down and said he’d have to call network support “You’ll be on hold anywhere between 2 and 8 minutes; hang on, I’ll be right back.”  He was back exactly at that two minute mark, and told me all I had to do was restart the computer and I’d be good.  Sure enough, network support had worked their magic and gotten me running.

Total time: 18 minutes, 3 of which were on hold, and 6 of which were either me running up and down stairs to reset machinery, or waiting for a computer to reboot.

I asked to be put through to his supervisor to file a commendation, he did a fantastic job and completely failed to live up to all the stories of Telus’ support staff I’ve heard.  The kid deserve to be appreciated.  Working my job, on the phone, I know full well that most of the conversations that supervisors get is people complaining about this or that, and praise is so much rarer, simply because good service is one of those things everyone takes for granted until it goes wrong.

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