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Beach Night

July 5, 2008

On Tuesday, I went to Thixal’s birthday bash, starting at the Islands concert at Plaza nightclub and then moving to drunken antics on Jericho beach.

I’d never heard of Islands before Thixal invited me, but I downloaded some, expecting usual Thixal fare, and instead found myself captivated by strikingly interesting music, with an odd sort of edgy tone to indie-pop fare that, well, was significantly more appealing than I was expecting.

Really, in all honesty, it was a fucking utter blast, and I’m choked that I’d not heard of them before.  They put on a phenominal show, and despite being both all-ages and to an odd tempo, the crowd was rowdy and dancing and generally fucking awesome.  Eventually, the night closed down and we all skived our ways out – I went to pick up Kurunta from work and return her keys.  I’d spent much of my afternoon trecking from work to home and out again immediately to go get a house key from Kurunta in order to leave a briefcase full of booze in her house, which is near the beach that we were going to.  Having done so, I needed to give her her key back and convince her to join our party.  The plan had us meeting Thixal and co at Cafe Crépe before heading out.  We got to Cafe, and they weren’t there.  We looked around for a while, phoned a few times, and she took off home, with me promising to call her once I worked out what I’d planned.

Eventually eliciting the assistance of a nice young lady working at Cafe Crepe, I ascertained that the majority of the group had ambled off down the road Southward.  I found them in a pizza join down the road, cheerfully noshing down.  Myself, I was somewhat irate that not only had they taken off from their original position, but they also had phones and the like off, leaving me unable to reach them regarding their new location.  However, my ire was quickly bought off with pizza from Thixal.  …Oh, I am so easily purchased.

From there, I got in touch with Kurunta, and all 5 of us committed to the celebration wandered off down to the beach, by way of Kurunta’s place.  A 6th member took off shortly after crossing the bridge, apparently only joining us for the expedience of bussing with us.  We swung by Kurunta and picked up our briefcase of booze whilst calling folks to come out and join us at the beach – we’d rustled up a crowd of 10 or so by the time we got there, and ended up with a total attendance of 15 or so people getting gradually drunk on the beach.  Beyond my 2-6 of home-spiced rum for me, I contributed two bottles of wine, while Thixal put in for two 2-6s, one each of vodka and rum.  All told, we had a lot of booze on that beach.  And it was good.

As the crowd grew, the extent of the bad ideas grew proportionately.  As per usual drunkeness, I ended up on a roof or two.  And a tree.  Some of the boys there knocked over the life guard chair, and we re-organized some logs on the beach to less practical designs and briefly tried to get a fire started.

Eventually, the notion that we were near the ocean settled in, and the whole gang up and opted to go skinny dipping.  An expedition was mounted for towels, with Kurunta, Thixal, Dygon and myself trekking to pick up towels from Kurunta’s place.  The trip there was mostly uneventful, though amusing, but the trip back …  Kurunta took Thixal down beachward on her bike, leaving Dygon and I to wander back on our own.  We took the best route available, causing mayhem on our way.  Stupid shit, that is.  Moving a contruction fence to wall off a sidewalk, or redecorating an ATM in gardenform with plants and flowers, and swapping the plants out front of two stores, just to confuse folks.

When we got back, roll call was taken for the skinny dipping.  I declined.  I know how damn cold that water is, and have no interest in the discomfort involved in getting into that water.  So I sat around with another bloke who didn’t want to dip and chatted while everyone else got naked and frolicked in the seafoam. The swimming turned into an expedition to migrate the uprooted lifeguard chair out onto the dock, just to provide an Epic Throne on the dock there.  Also, ’cause it’d be hilarious.  From the success of that venture, logs were migrated to the dock, and attempted to be loaded onto it, as well.  That being a less successful venture, the swimmers, exhausted and cold, returned to the beach to towel off and debate putting clothing on.

With a far longer than necessary interval between dryness and clothing, everyone did eventually obtain a semblance of clothing, and eventually the whole damn horde was clothed and good to go, just in time for a group of new randoms to show up and join our little party.  I was working the morning after, so I was more than relieved as the evening wrapped down and we all processed off our own separate ways.  Thixal was “crashing” at Kurunta’s place, as well as two of Thixal’s friends and Julse, who all apparently nearly had an orgy after I left.  I take credit, none of those connections would have been made without my good influences.

Oh.  But.  I get ahead of myself.  On our walk home, I got a call from Kurunta, and pick up to a somewhat pathetic “Earthman…  I broke me…” I was struck a little speechless for a moment as I puzzled through the import of the statement, before prying for details and ascertaining that she’d in fact drunkenly ridden her bike into the large blue cargo container hard enough to seriously rattle herself.  Displaying shockingly good judgement for someone processing most of a 2-6 of rum; I opted to not resume my previous criticizm of her biking drunk.  We caught up, and I delegated the opportunity to look like a hero to Thixal, letting him put the chain back on her bike and white knight that shit up.

When we got back to Kurunta’s place, one of the gents mentioned possibly calling Dygon to let him know that the police had been following their group after they split from us; at which point it was decided that they couldn’t possibly be interested in them, they were going elsewhere.  We later learned that apparently that’d been wong, Dygon had been arrested and drunk-tank’d for apparently breaking a car window just as the cops were driving by.  Clever gent, Dygon; but amusing regardless.

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