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You Need What?

May 23, 2008

While taking calls can be highly entertaining, it’s the people in the background that tend to be the most amusing.  Yesterday, I took a call from a woman wanting us to send someone out to try and fix something she had under coverage from us, and was talking on and on trying to convince me to send the driver into the complex without being met first; our drivers, by policy, don’t go into large buildings without being led in by the caller.

While she was going on, I hear a boisterous voice in the background, the strong, booming voice of a very cheerful elderly man, calling out “I need a hostess with bad eyesight!” over her dialogue of “anyway, it’s ten minutes from the front desk to the main door, dearie, can’t I just sit down here and he can co-”  “I’ll take todays special entree! … I can’t see the entree! … Can you see the entree? … Can anyone read the entree?!” “-me time, anyway, so I might as well wait here for him, and then-“; at which point I muted my speaker and let her ramble while my trainer and I laughed ourselves sick at the utter bizarrity of the man’s initial comment, combined with the hilarity of the later monologue about the entree.

…The woman, by the way, ended up meeting the driver at the door, as requested.

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