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May 15, 2008

I’ve just finished my first week of training at the new job.

I’m working in a call-in help centre for a large-ish appliance company here, taking calls at odd hours from distressed patrons needing any number of services, from being locked out of safes, to needing repairs on any number of appliances, to needing faulty appliances picked up for repairs in the shop.

Or I will be.  The first week has been entirely procedure, policy, and software training.  Next week I start genuine on-phone training.  I’m pretty stoked, I’m going to be all loaded up with fantastic stories of my various callers’ idiocies, and of course sharing ’em with you, dear Internet.

So far my favourite among the calls we listened in on were the ones where patrons attempted to mimic the various distressing noises that their dysfunctional appliances made in the hopes that the operator could diagnose the problem themselves.  We (the trainees) laughed ourselves sick at one man’s attempt to mimic the noises that his dishwasher had been making while refusing to stay properly closed while he ran it.

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