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May 13, 2008

I’ve had an insane few weeks, and not done much writing recently, but in the first four or so days back, I did manage to hit two shows worth mentioning.

Hot Chip. Finally. They came back, and part of their stage banter involved a full apology for bailing on us the last time ’round. To further make up for the cancellation, they put on an absolutely incredible show. I got an email from Chief pretty much the second I plugged my computer into the internet line out here; offering me a ticket if I was free. Sure, I was absolutely bombed from lack of sleep, but really, how could I say no? It’s Hot Chip, fer chrissakes.

The show was, as I said, fantastic. Their CD is … fun. But doesn’t at all compare to their live shows. It’s known that DJ outfits rarely translate well to CD form, but this show, when compared to their CD, proves this above and beyond a doubt. Chief and I migrated our way to the middle of the crowd and fully enjoyed ourselves. I was equally amused to note that some of the tracks that I’d found least entertaining amongst the tracks from the CD were the true winners from the show, though I was rather disappointed that their self-titular track, “Hot Chip,” didn’t get play.

The second show I ended up going to on my own; as soon as I realized that Simian Mobile Disco was coming to town, I made plans to see it, and neglected to line up company for the show. Irregardless, there was no way in hell I was going to not go, so I went solo, and loved it. I’d had one of the girls from Caffeine reserve me a ticket, given that she has an In with Sealed With A Kiss, the folks who put together the show. I waltzed my ass in well after the doors opened, and the floor was still empty. As the floor gradually filled, I took a spot reasonably close to the front and waited for the show to begin.

When it did, it was everything I had hoped it would be. Simian Mobile Disco is one of my favourite dance or party bands in general, and they more than lived up to their phenominal reputation. In the same manner as Hot Chip majestically surpassed the performance of their CD, Simian more than exceeded an already brilliant CD.

Additionally, I met some absolutely charming folks in the crowd, who took pity on my lonely attendance and absorbed me into their little group. I chilled with them for the night, having a few drinks and chatting between songs. Additionally, I had people to talk to while I was standing around waiting for the line to clear up enough for me to get my coat from coatcheck.

…And then I got Mad Props from some bloke in line after I refused to let a pair of girls cut past me in the crush for coats. He let them by him, and admitted that he just didn’t have the cahones to refuse them, but sure wished that he had.

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