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Hung On The Phone

May 1, 2008

I’m currently tentatively waiting on a phone call about a new job.  It should be coming in sometime today or tomorrow, but…  That’s all up in the air, really.

More importantly, I’m assuming I’ve gotten the job, but I’m waiting to hear a little more about my schedule.  I’d love to throw a few parties, organize a back-in-town dinner, and generally stir shit up in my city here, but I’ve absolutely no clue when is and isn’t free, and there’s really nothing more hostwise horrific than planning a party, then realizing you can’t attend your own shindig.

So, until I hear about that, everything is on hold, plotted just a day in advance; rather than the week or so a successful party tends to take, or the days required to make a group of people do a dinner properly.

What a nuisance, eh?  I can’t wait to, well, start working, or start plotting other junk for all that time that I’m not working.

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