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Bonfire Night

April 28, 2008

The night before I flew home, Saturday, I’d finished almost all of my packing and gotten bored.  Jaertes didn’t have exams for another few days, and Sthena & Jhaos were wandering the halls being bored.  I’d gotten a call earlier from Celaena and Kalai, who were watching a movie and bored.

The stage was indeed set for mischief.

It started with an innocent comment from someone about the abundant piles of notes needing disposal as we moved out.  Our minds moved from there to fire shortly enough, and next thing anyone knew, we were scrounging every article of property that’d burn and we didn’t want to keep and bundling it all into sacks.  Jaertes and I shortly had a goodly goodie-bag each filled with paper, cardboard, and other such flammables.  I gave Celaena and Kalai a call, told them to meet us at MKV’s breezeway with their own flammables, and we all started putting things together to go.  We grabbed masks, just ’cause it’d be more amusing that way, and a few more high-flame articles from around our house (Lamp oil, anyone?  That’s not dangerous or anything…)

…And we set off to Columbia Lake to find a firepit.  We were, really, in luck.  The first pit was claimed, and surrounded by drunk, stoned, and very friendly folks who were more than happy to have us show up, augument their party, and set more shit on fire.

Our night was set.  We broke out our own drinks, opened our sacks, and started burning things.  As well as cracking lots of jokes about our sacks.  (If you don’t get it, say it out loud a few times with a 7-year-old’s mindset.)  Lots of jokes about our sacks.  Being full of goodies.  Being unloaded onto the firepit.  The contents of said warming the whole group.  The weight, the size, the flare when the contents hit the pit. Everything.  Ohgod, we got it all.  No one was spared, or spared themselves, from the juvenile and intensely amusing humour.

The masks made their rounds amongst the various members of the party, migrating amongst both out party and the others.  They were a nuisance to wear while tending the fire, ’cause of the restricted vision, so whoever was poking the flames tended to lose theirs pretty quick, then when the gave up, odds are whoever they made take over for them was still wearing their appropriated mask.

I kinda love masks, so I held out longer than most.  Long enough to get a photo, at least, with Jaertes standing officially in the background with his giant fire-poking-stick.  This particular beast was the most abused piece of lumber at the site, even if it might’ve survived the evening.  To start with, it got used as a giant torch on two separate occations.  The first, and most awesome, was before the camera came out, but was done by tying a burlap sack to the end and then baptising it in lamp oil.  We the waved it about and ran around with it; to great Epic-ness.  It was, well, totally awesome. However, unphotographed.  Sadly.  For the second iteration, we learned our lesson, but ran out of lamp oil.  The un-baptised sack burned almost as well, just not as long.  But it did produce possibly the greatest photo of the night.

All things, however, must come to an end, and our night did too.  By 4AM the fire was still going strong, but we were fading fast.  Jaertes and I had climbed a few trees, leaving my forearms all scraped up in the process, and both of us pretty worn out.  The rest of the gang was partying down, so we all grabbed a seat to enjoy the fire for a while before eventually taking off our separate ways to get some rest in before sunup.

And that was how I ended my first semester at University of Waterloo.  I’ll run off some highly cliché summary in time, but really.  This is a perfect example of how awesome the whole time was.  Spontaneous adventures and bad ideas producing incredible and entertaining results.  What’s there not to love?

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