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April 19, 2008

…No, really. Apparently I am too awesome. I just had a conversation with my Media and Mass Communication prof, and he was discussing how my paper on Internet Communities contributing to Deviance of individuals was far above the level of what he expected to see from someone my level; more specifically, it was written on a level he’s not entirely accustomed to seeing from some of his peers.

I’m a genius? Yes, I know. Awesome? No no no, Dear Internet, no no. This is not a good thing.

He wants rough work; process, research and the like. He has the rough work, I churned it out in a 16-hour marathon starting Monday at midnight, pulling a raw, raw all-nighter Tuesday night and finishing 6:30-ish Wednesday evening. I was sweating bullets trying to get it done within 24 hours of class so’s I’d not lose more than a day to late marks.

What he has now is the rough copy – I have bad habits to begin with when writing essays, and writing into the rough is one of them, but this time I was in caffeine & PANIC mode and didn’t even back shit up – I just went in order to get it done in time. I needed those marks.

…So now I’m confronted by a conundrum. I need to somehow convince this man that the paper I wrote really was written by me, or I lose marks I cant afford and possibly get a giant black mark on my record. All he wants is rough work I don’t have and am not willing to forge. …I’m emailing him a couple of my previous papers to convince him of tone, but I have a sad, sad, suspicion that I’ll end up having to fork over the link to this’ere site in order to show him a lot of examples of my writing – I suspect even my “voice” and tone are somewhat distinctive, though I’d not presume so much as to call my writing unique.

Faugh. Felled by my own brilliance, apparently.


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