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Vile Injustice

April 15, 2008

Y’know what sucks?  When someone takes a philosphical point written and intended to be nigh-inpenetrable to the conventional thinker and normal person in order to propgate not an idea, but the thought process required to comprehend and debate the idea at the core, writes an “explanation” of this system of thought which horrifically twists both the nature of the idea and the system of thought expounded by it, and uses that to further push an agenda nearly perfectly contrary to the initial intent.

A very complex system of lessons, thought processes and ideas intended to challenge the conventional systems of thought of a somewhat philosphically stagnant time gets watered down and passed off as nothing more than imperialist self-justification.


More shame on me, too, in that I almost bought it until halfway through when the article misrepresented the works of philosophers & sociologists whose works I am familiar and comfortable with.  Catching on there, and re-reading from the top, the progressively less-subtle slanting of someone’s Great Work became increasingly apparent.


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