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A Farewell

April 14, 2008

On Sunday I had the oddly sad moment of working my final shift for this semester at Cafe KW. Sure, I’ll be back in four months, but at the same time … it really is a sort of goodbye, and it was saddening to say farewell to the various regulars that came in, and more so the ones that didn’t show up through the day. For instance, Caramel/Toffee-Nut Latte girl didn’t come in, which was a massive downer; really she was among the first customers I befriended on behalf of the store, rather than someone already tight with staff that I was merely introduced to.

The Eastern European Gents made it, and were their usual delightful and amusing selves, especially their comical “critique” of the new girl’s cappuccinos. A few of our little community’s more vibrant fixtures came by, and wished me well on hearing of my imminent departure.

The cafe’s adoptive grandmother didn’t make it in, but was working nearby, and I went and visited her after work, and promised that I’d be back Thursday or so to see her again; and even more so that if she missed me then, I’d undoubtedly be back in September. I was beyond flattered that everyone that I told I was going home for the summer’s first response was inevitably to check if I was going to return to the Cafe when I come back in September.

…Of course, guys.

I love the job. I will miss the people unbelievably much, and am almost more excited to get back than I am to go home in the first place. To any that might’ve stumbled here, see you soon.

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