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Pagan Ritual

April 2, 2008

For preferably undisclosable reasons, Jethe felt a need to throw a pagan ritual the other day.  So we all went out into the wilds and burnt a chicken at sundown.

No, really.  I’m not even shitting you.  It was seasoned with garlic and herbs, and we burnt it on a random woodpile and a bunch of paper gleaned from recycle boxes.   It took us ages to get it started, what the boys had brougt as an accelerant fully was not as accelerating as thry’d thought it was, and Jaertes & I  were apparently the only people there who’d built a fire before.  We arrived late, after they’d put it together and doused it, so we spent a while correcting their mistakes before we finally for some dry paper in the bottom to ignite.  Once that was going, we eventually reached the flash point for our accelerant and it all went up in flames form there on in, but we had to laugh that the main reason they’d had so much trouble getting it to light was what they’d brought along to make it light in the first place.

We’ll know soon if it succeeded or not.  Also, in a few years, it may become apparent we over-succeeded, at which point we’ll all blame Jethe and take off.

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