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More Partying!

April 2, 2008

The weekend of 14 – 15 – 16 was rather insane. To put it mildly.  (Also, this is retardedly long.  Sorry.  This one’s almost more for my memory as it is for your entertainment.)

To start things off, I had the entire weekend off; Cafe KW has been training a few new folks, and they needed my usual shifts to get them up to snuff. Hopefully this isn’t going to be pattern-forming.

I was at two particular events that weekend, the parties were both at the same venue – a room in the East end of the building, who we met while drunkenly wandering the halls one evening, about a week before. Alpheos knew someone who lived there, so we wandered right in. Turns out we knew a few folks there, and were made quite welcome by those we didn’t know.

I spent that night putting a lot of effort into learning people’s names. In a big way. I ran into Jaeon, a chap I’d been in Frosh Orientation with and forgotten about entirely, other than as a familiar face every now and again between classes. I’d also forgotten his name, but fixed that lack fairly quickly when he introduced himself to my companions.

It paid off; going to their Friday Night Flipcup party on the 14th, I remembered enough names that I was able to slip back in easily; well, all but one of the important ones, that is. I got Tykh, the main host, as well as Jaeon, Oeager, and Mino, the guys that live there, as well as Hele and Sibyl, two of the girls from the last party, and Nalas, who was impressed that I not only remembered his name, but pronounced it right.

I’d brought Celaena and Kalai with me, given that Jaertes was back home for the weekend, and we ran into Sthena & Jhaos on their way out that night, as well as Alpheos and Alcyone inside; the latter being so high/drunk that she could barely remain upright, but in fantastic spirits. We played a number of rounds of Flip Cup, though I had to pack it in earlier than most; playing with Kelly’s “wine” (A 20% “Easy sipping wine with a touch of the Old Blarney” that tastes like bad sherry mixed with grape cool-aid, but is oddly enjoyable regardless.) is a little rough on the stomach. There must’ve been 40 or 50 people in the room, so when “quiet time” rolled around at 1:00-ish, we quickly attracted the attention of the Dons, who came by and threw us all out.

Celaena, Kalai, and myself came back home here to get a pizza, gossip, and pretend to watch a movie.

The night after, however, was even grand-er. Celaena was throwing her own party, up at her place in CLV, and had extracted from me the promise that I would come; while Tykh was throwing his own event, a second party, a combination of the standard flipcup event with celebrating Sibyl’s birthday.

Recalling how somewhat … small … Celaena’s last party was, I was a little anxious about my attendance there, and opted to go to Tykh’s place first; I figured I’d camp out there until things slowed down, and take off to Celaena’s once that happened.

Drinking whiskey sours isn’t entirely condusive to flip-cup, given both the high sugar content, the syrupy consistancy, and the nature of the hard liquor.

Didn’t stop me from trying, really, but.. It wasn’t the greatest idea at the time, I had to give it a rest pretty fast. It was pretty strong stuff, and not sitting well, though the green dye likely didn’t help much.

While taking a break, I wandered about chatting up the various people who I’d met the night before. Congratulated Sibyl on her birthday, and stood around drinking with Mellad for a bit. Again, impressed Nalas with my memory & pronunciation of his name, oddly, as well as giving Bia a hard time and “forgetting” her name, after how irate she’d been when I’d forgotten her name the night before. Yup. I’m a dick. But we allhad a good time. I got coerced into dancing with Bia to make up for forgetting her name, which hardly seems like a punishment. Good times were had.

We had a few more rounds of flip cup, during which I met Sharepe, a very gregarious and ridiculously tanked little girl up visiting a friend here, from Cambridge. She’d apparently not left there before, or at least, not on her own, as she told Alcyone and myself a few times. She apparently decided I was trustworthy & entertaining, (Yes, I do find that hilarious as well.) and stuck with Alcyone & I for most of the rest of the night. Given that she was pretty, outgoing, and tanked, I figured that, concerning as it was, I’d likely make a more responsible guardian than most of the other candidates there, and went along with it. She lost her friend & her friend’s boyfriend early in the night, we didn’t see them until much later in the evening.

I kept receiving the occational call from Celaena, asking when I’d show up. I kept telling her “soon, but I’ll bring people with me to make up for it…” I wanted to wait until midnight, until it was actually Sibyl’s birthday, and then I figured I’d take off.

It would have been 11:30 or so when Tykh was clearing people away from the aisle & the door for “the important guest”, and roughly 15 minutes later, he arrived. In full uniform, our stripper-cop strutted into the room and began his show. I’d had a bit or notice, but the entire room was an equal mix of drunken cheers & whistles, and a sort of stunned silence that Tykh & co. had hired a stripper for Sibyl’s birthday. I’d been pushed to the back with Sharepe and Alcyone by the press of enthusiastic females, so didn’t know what was going on, but was in hearing range when the cheering attracted the somewhat inevitable knock on the door from the Dons. Because it wasn’t yet full-on quiet time, they merely asked us to turn it down, though, for some reason the Stripper went out to talk to them as well. We figured that was likely a bad idea, but none of us had the presence of mind to stop him until after he was out the door, so…

…Shortly, though, he came back in and resumed his performance. We got another 45 minutes or so before the Dons came back, at which point I’m pretty sure he had no pants on, though again, I was in the back, so I’m not really sure. I do recall spying him hurriedly shrugging into a shirt when the crowd shifted, though. Tykh & I got to the door fairly quickly, and he briefly talked to the Dons. They wanted to wander in, but some idiot blocked the door and refused to let them in, apparently pushing one of them in the process.  Knowing full well where the night was going, I packed up my stuff and grabbed Alcyone & Sharepe to wander outside, while at the same time, passing Celaena’s address around as a second location to adjourn to.

We hung around in the hall a while, me passing out a locale and Sharepe wanting to stick around in the hopes of seeing her friend and/or getting her booze back.  Alcyone & I got distracted after a while, turned to bizarre conversation and the like, before Sharepe, who’d been the most reluctant to leave, grabbed us both, hauling us down the hall “Oh, time to go!” …As we puzzled over her sudden change of heart, she whispered to us “Shit, guys, the real cops are here!”  We turned and there they were, walking through the door at the far end of the hall.  The guy who’d been blocking the door streaked by us at a run, followed by a shout of “Does anyone know who he was?” from the Dons.

We arrived at Celaena’s place soon after, as a group of 5 or so.  She seemed a little startled that I’d brought “so many” …  and immediately really concerned when I grinned in response.  “Oh, there’s a couple more coming…”  Over the next half hour, I talked to Sharepe’s friend 3 or 4 times, giving her directions to Celaena’s place, and a whole load of the party showed up, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the original crowd opted to brave the cold to join us at CLV.  We got another hour or two before the CLV Dons showed up, likely slipped the word by some careless exile exile of the original party.

Fallout has the gents who hosted the MKV party getting some hefty fines and significant restrictions on their freedoms for the rest of their term here.  They’re banned from having any guests without clearing it with their Don, as well as zero tolerance for noise and the like, as well as being required to host some sort of charity event.

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