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Distinctive Drinks

March 24, 2008

When the man came in and ordered his “…Uhm… Snickerdoodle? And … a double decaf cappuccino, please?” there was something familiar about him, but I couldn’t quite place it.

It was when he was wondering what to get his daughter that it clicked.  He borrowed my phone to make the call; as soon as she picked up and he started “…S-, I’m at Matter of Taste, would you like anything?,” it hit me.  I knew exactly who the daughter was, and who his wife was, and if they were there, I could have predicted that S- would get hers to stay and her mother would get hers in a to go cup, but almost inevitably drink it before leaving.  Or that I’d get a lovely tip from them when I took their order.  Hell, I could even picture the sheepish grin I got from S- and the look of shock from her mother the first time I made fun of S-‘s complex order; changed since then, no longer decaf-skim-extra hot.  (The flavors are unchanged, mind you.)  Or, the mischevious look I got from both mother & daughter the first time S-‘s order changed to it’s new, simplified form.

From the order of that drink alone, I immediately knew that I’d just met the third family member of some of my absolute favourite customers.   It’s nice to know your clientele this well.  And he, too, tipped royally.

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