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March 22, 2008

I work with innumberable awesome characters – I avoid writing about co-workers just ’cause it sets a bad precadent, but this one … this one was too amusing to pass up.

One of the guys I work with is quite young, comparably to the rest of us, or even the average person in a coffee shop.  He’s a load of fun to work with, but occationally the age difference shows.  I’ve made a bit of a habit of making mischief at his expense, answering the phone when his mother calls and letting her know that he “only barely” is working that day, or that kind of thing.  Silly stuff, and the kind of thing that he plays along with and does his level best to keep up with me for.  Apparently, he’s been telling tales; his girlfriend came to town for the weekend, and hung out in the store waiting for him to get off work – I’d planned on being nice and behaving myself for his dignity’s sake, but that was not to be.  Apparently she was a little bummed out that I’d not done anything, my reputation had spread before me, and she was hoping for Antics.  This, straight from the poor boy’s mouth.

So; why not?  If that’s not official sanctioning of my actions, I don’t know what would be.  It was almost a request, for chrissakes.

On my way out, I folded up a little paper envelope with a condom inside and scribbled “I know I promised more, but this is all I had on hand; -EXR” and slipped it into his coat pocket.  I then asked his girlfriend to “remind him that the package he asked for is in his pocket” as I was breezing out the door.

With any luck, she’ll ask him when he has the coat on, and he’ll pull it out of his pocket, open it, and get really awkward.  I hope this doesn’t go terribly awful on him, or me.

…I’m a terrible person.

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