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Up To No Good

March 17, 2008

Last Tuesday was Campus Day.  As in, tour day for all those lovely kids thinking of coming to our fair school next year.  This means two things:  lots of cancelled classes, and a campus filled with Tourists.  More importantly, MKV fills with Tourists; everyone on tours is ending up in Res, and they all want to scope out their options before they turn up, and MKV is the best Waterloo has.  Of course they’ll show up here.

The Tourists have an unfortunate tendancy to be more of a nuisance than anything else.  Our halls are crammed with them, going visiting on our days off is a hassle of pushing through a crowd of people who seem to think that they earned and deserve their spot near the front of the tour group, and plan on keeping it through force. (No, really.  I’m not even kidding.  For the last one, I had some middle-aged dude try and cuss me out for pushing in front of him to get to my Soc ’cause “he couldn’t see past me.”  I gleefully responded that “At least you’re not trying to get to classes through swarms of ill-mannered Tourists!” and took off while he changed colours and spluttered a bit.

This one, well, we decided to have a little fun.  We threw a “Party.” Entitled “Bottles & Bathrobes;” we celebrated in style – we piled all our empties on a table in front of our window, then had a pyjama party in our house with doors & blinds wide open.  I made pancakes for everyone, and with food in hand, we got started.

We invited as many people as we could get, had colourful discussions at high volume, and danced “drunkenly” to blaring obnoxious music.  Most of all, we drank.  Oh, did we ever drink.  Had it been the real stuff, not one of us would’ve survived the morning.  Jaertes, for instance, on more than one occation, waited until there was a group pausing to stare, in horrified fascination (parents) or gleeful anticipation (children) in at our spectacle, and the chugged down a 2-6 of “vodka” – water, in a Smirnoff bottle.  The poor girl across the hall had to field questions about us all morning –  apparently one horrified mother asked the room across the way if we did that all the time – four times.

After a few members went on a hall-wandering adventure, glass bottles in the hallways got us shut down, and we were asked to remove the bottles from sight, we closed the blinds, and still got some excellent shocked looks from people walking by and seeing in the gaps, though.

We started busking in the doorway with Boreas’ acoustic and a load of improvised instruments, which got us a load of grins and a fistful of change. Eventually, one of the Dons shut us down after some folks dug up a couple of amps for some real rock ‘n roll guitar, and had some old man get hissy about “all that noise” – he offered us $2 to stop playing a while, but, well, “…it’s not about the money, man, it’s about the music..” So he shut our door. We were all pretty pissed, and few of us were almost up for calling him on the fact that he was intruding on us, not the reverse, but Discretion > Valor and all that, we just went with it, rather than have an argument with some old dude that was likely to get us in more crap. As mentioned above, we did get shut down eventually anyway, but we held out for longer than if we’d confronted him on his appalling manners.


Most of our options cut off, we wrapped up around 1:00, and called it a successful day.  We’re looking for opportunities for more of the same next time…

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  1. March 21, 2008 1:01 pm

    lol that is very clever and amusing! perhaps don those mime costumes you had at halloween and do performance in the round for the next time?

    Well, there wasn’t really a next time, and we’ll need friends in Res next year in order to pull the same off. Not to say it won’t happen, just that it’d take more organizing than I’m entirely sure I can pull off. This was pretty last minute, though. Asides, the idea isn’t to be wierd, per se, it’s to scare off boring students and parents. A bunch of kids getting “drunk” at 10:00 in the morning in their pyjamas certainly seems among the best candidates, though we did consider something like a cult meeting.

  2. May 15, 2008 10:49 pm


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