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March 7, 2008

About a week or so ago, I went to Montreal, and from there I’ve been, well, slow to talk to the internet. I’ve been busy, really, and not really in a writing mood. But I also want to just get the gist of it all up before I forget it.

I breezed into town Monday, after working for the weekend. My train arrived an hour late, but everyone else was running late as well, not a big deal. Jaertes met me at the station, and the two of us paused to half-off beers at a student dive pub that his friend had recommended. We hit Dice’s place and chilled briefly, as well as having a few drinks. Rachel was supposed to have called about going clubbing, but that fell through until later; their plans had shifted somehow. In the interem, waiting for the call, I wandered the res, played a round or two of beer pong, and bumped into a pair of girls I knew through Tallu – been out to dinner with them a few times, and was pretty stoked to see ’em. When Rachel & co. did call, Jaertes & I grabbed Jhaos and another gent from UW who was also there, and took off to the bar … getting very lost in the process. We’d been given terrible directions, and ended up on the wrong end of the city, walking back to get to the bar. We did, in the end, make it, but the combination of absurd coatcheck linup and the night winding down, Jaertes & the rest took off, leaving me to party it up with Rachel, Kaule, and Kaule’s siblings until the night shut down for good. We hit Belle Pro for poutine, then started hiking home.

Tuesday was spent profitably wandering the city, buying coffee and looking for chocolate, nuff’ said on that, and that night, Jaertes, Jhaos, and another gent all went out for drinks again, swapping stories and the like ’till some ridiculous time before taking off home.

On Wednesday, Jaertes took off home, leaving me staying in Dice’s place without him until I moved into Acidalia’s on Thursday. I hung around his res, running into another Vancouverite, a friend I know through both Acidalia and Ragana, who was shocked and thrilled to see me. We chatted for a while while Dice was off in class. She took off, and I spent the remainder of my time alone hobo-ing it on the internet, and chatting with randoms who wandered past Dice’s door. Upon his eventual return, we grabbed some nibblies, some booze, and some company, then proceeded up the “mountain” to watch the lunar eclipse. I called up Jakuta to join the procession, and the two of us chatted a while as we all processed to view the abysmally slow progress of a shadow over the moon’s surface. We then got rather drunk and smoked on top of the Mount, then wandered back down to the bottom again to get inside and away from the cold. We drank some, smoked some, and generally got up to shennanigans in a big way for much of the night.

Thursday had me up early, packing and getting ready to go out and play with Acidalia. I ran down to a awesome Turkish place called “Basha” for brunch, then wandered back at a leisurely pace just in time to catch the phone call to come meet Acidalia at such-and-such a place. I hung out briefly, made her some dinner while she was out at her exam, and then we took off to go drinking with her sorority.  We went to Biftek, a local anglo student pub, got somewhat drunk, and generally had good times.  Greek life is apparently awesome, and from what I met of her Sorority, absolutely insane pretty much all the time.  I loved it.

Got home, suffered through a day of Very Hung Over Acidalia, for which she was very apologetic, and I was amused and not at all concerned.  We sat around and talked, which we’d not done for ages, rather than get up to stuff.  We also ran errands with another friend and I got a bit of a tour of the non-downtown Montreal, as well as walking on a frozen lake.  For all that it sounds mellow, a genuinely awesome day.  That evening, Acidalia took me climbing at Allez Up!, a local climbing gym just 15 minutes walk from her Rez.   I’d not climbed in ages, but was still mostly able to get into the swing of things, doing a decent job and managing some apparently impressive climbs before my wrist got angry at me and I had to stop climbing.  She, by the way, has been climbing all since school started, and is an excellent climber.  Definately put me to shame.

Saturday, we went walking along the canal near her, visited the local farmers market, and browsed the local scenery.  Eventually, we hiked back; stopping for coffee at a neat little place on the way that does a phenominal collection of cakes, most notable among these being a Baklava Cheesecake which was beyond spectacular.  Later on, we did a grocery run, and made a somewhat elaborate dinner (Quiche, salad, wine.) while wondering if there was any partying to be had around town.  Learning “not”, we opted to hang out more and make crepes for dessert, and bought more wine.  Again, nothing epic, just a really chill night, sitting around, studying a little and catching up on twenty different directions of old times.

Sunday, I packed, studied, hung out lots, and then trained my way home, complete with absurd snoring.

I can’t wait to do it all again.


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