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February 26, 2008

I try and avoid the typical internet repost-syndrome, but this was too awesome to pass up.

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart, plainly someone’s ingenious practical joke / art installation / design project / social commentary. I love it. I totally wish there was one coming to somewhere near here sometime soon. Sadly, I have to go to LA to see it, and, well, that’s not happening.

Check out the link for ingenious descriptions of brilliant “products” sold in the Time Travel Mart.

(Insert Earthman researching what the shit this thing is…)

The store is apparently a “front” for 826 National, a “innovative tutoring, writing, and publishing nonprofit” which apparently aims to improve reading & writing skills of young children and youth, with seven chapters across the States. They offer tutoring, workshops, publishing, and a few other useful services for the literally-minded young amongst us. Their website is here, and their “about” section.

Beyond the Time Travel Mart, they have four other stores around the US, with a Pirate Store in San Francisco, a Space Travel Supply Company in Seattle, a Superhero Supply Company in Brooklyn, and “The Boring Store” (Which is definitely not a Spy Store.) in Chicago (No website, go see this write up, though.).

The stores are part joke, part attention-getter, part fundraiser for the charity, and a hilarious way of generating publicity and a few funds on the side.

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