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Oiled Glass

February 17, 2008

I got up to go to work early this morning.  Getting up, that was, not going to work.  I was due at 10:30, Cafe KW was having a baked good delivery and my help was needed, but the change by half an hour wasn’t really a big deal.  No, no, not even getting up early was a big deal, or writing-worthy.  It’s all just setting the stage.

Anyway, I was up early.  I had a luxurious breakfast of leftover pizza, showered, and strutted out the door at 9:52 (2 minutes later than I’d planned on, I checked.)  I darted down the stairs, and out onto the sidewalk in the hopes of making up the time.  As soon as I hit the sidewalk, I registered something … amiss … and stopped.  Or tried to.  Instead of halting as planned, I coasted precariously for a good 3 feet or so across a thin sheet of unbelievably slick ice.  The entire trip progressed at a snail’s pace, with me moving from salted patch to gravel patch and hiking through snow to get better traction.  Confronted by bare sidewalk or street, I invariably took the ice-walkers crouch and shuffled my way along the ground.

I’ve never seen this sort of thing before.  And, in another never-before moment, I was unable to ascend a 5º incline.  Apparently that was steep enough to send me coasting back down to the bottom again.  Through a careful lean at the right moment, I even managed to slide around a corner and down the sidewalk branching off.  I think I must’ve slid unassisted and unpropelled for a good 5 meters or so before gliding to a halt.

I was also witness to the most unnerving sight I’ve had in a while regarding public transit – my bus gracefully sliding the remaining four or five meters in to halt gently at the stop outside DC.  With a 45º angle of motion.  It was spooky.

It took an extra 10 minutes to get to downtown.  We almost doubled the standard 15-minute travel time, really.  It was pretty insane.  Thankfully, my co-worker had had to deal with the same, and was nothing but understanding.

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  1. Tara permalink
    February 18, 2008 3:05 am

    Welcome to winter in places that don’t have eternal rain!

    It’s still gross as hell.

  2. February 20, 2008 5:18 pm


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