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Facebook Graffiti 2

February 11, 2008

I seem to be amassing rather a lot of these things, but…  Here’s more Facebook Graffiti here for you, Internet.

This is a pretty simple piece, simply being Puck of Midsummer Night’s Dream describing his various antics to two fairies he runs into in the woods.

“And sometime lurk I in a gossip’s bowl,
In very likeness of a roasted crab,
And when she drinks, against her lips I bob
And on her wither’d dewlap pour the ale.” (Act II, Scene I)

…Near-direct request from Celaena, who wanted “something from Midsummer Night’s Dream” … And got my favourite scene.  It was this or the Rude Mechanicals, and they’d be too complicated to draw.  Technically, I totally hate how the fairies came out, but the rest, especially the expression of enthusiasm on Puck’s face, has me pretty happy.

This was done for Saoysha, who recommended Hayao Miyazaki’s “My Neighbour Totoro” to me ages ago, and I discounted.  However, I found it on DC++ by chance the other day and watched it – and loved it.   Sure, most of the movie is one draggy scene transitioning into another, but somehow the whole comes together into a brilliantly charming piece.  The pizewinning scene, though is definately Totoro’s enjoyment of the noise of raindrops on an umbrella, which I clumsily rendered here for the girl in question.

This was the last of the Facebook illustrations that I straight up owe people – I’d promised “something” to Tara when I first started in on this stuff, and only found time now – though, to be fair,  I’ve actually been doing homework and junk like that.  Tara has a spectacular enthusiasm for stars, so I ran of the highly cliché piece with the little person and their butterfly net trying to catch stars.  Trite, overdone, but cute & amusing to do, regardless.  Also, this was the piece that broke Graffiti – I learned that there is, in fact, a limit to the number of piled layers of colour you can add before the math gets gibbled all to hell.  And did it to the sky, having to cluck “Undo” an ungodly number of times to correct an error I wasn’t aware it was possible to make.

In case you missed the last posting of this, here’s the first set.

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  1. Tara permalink
    February 12, 2008 12:54 pm

    *grins* My stars are cliche, but I love them anyways. And it makes me grin that this is the second thing you’ve drawn me of stars. Thank you!

    • February 26, 2009 1:37 pm

      You like stars. They’re easy to do and I know they make you happy. Why shouldn’t I go for the copout option when I know it works so well…?


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