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Jaertes’ 19th

February 6, 2008

The other day, we found ourselves celebrating Jaertes’ 19th birthday – not in traditional bar-crawl style, most of his/our friends are underage, and couldn’t come, and I don’t like bars to begin with.  So, a party.

This one was in the room directly above us, merely because it was their turn to host a party.  And what a party.  I got in from work, running a little late, and joined in in midswing of the party.  Rachel had come in for the weekend, and had hung out with Alcyone for the afternoon.  I’d made my arrangements to persuade Jaertes to make his first booze-run on my behalf, as well as his own, and pick me up a bottle of tequila & a bottle of red wine while doing so.  I turned up, as, apparently, did pretty much everyone else we knew.

Upon my arrival, loud music was playing, there was a cake, as-yet untouched, but nothing other than the traditional Getting Plastered happened, but that changed quickly.  Rachel, Alcyone, Jaertes, and Jethe turned a drunken boozefest into a random dance party, jumping around to Daft Punk, spinning and skittering to pop music, and jiving down to Classic Rock (Twist & Shout, anyone?) and generally having a freaking fantastic time in what little floorspace there was in the apartment.

Then, it came to light (While I was fetching a corkscrew and my lighter from our flat) that Jhaos was also having a party, so we went down there briefly, meet a bunch of other new people, then wandered the floor, chilled in the hallways here & there, went back upstairs, danced some more, chilled in more hallways, and, well…  Had a fantastic night.

And for all that I was securely claimed by Rachel, as ever when she’s here, I also got sucked into a great moment dancing with Rhea, as well as a really cute drama-moment with Jacea, a rather … lubricated young lady, lusting hugely after Jhaos, who is pretty and single, but not interested in drunk girls in the slightest, leaving the poor girl more than a little mopey about her lack of progress with the boy.

It was a stunning night.  We had a brilliant time, and found ourselves a load of new recruits (hopefully) for future parties.  If all goes according to plan, some of ’em will be here on Friday, even.

Note: Cocking shite, I’m slow at posting – this is almost two weeks after the actual party.

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  1. cduff1si permalink
    February 6, 2008 9:16 pm

    Thanks for the advice 🙂 I understand about the crazy games, my friends and I still do that! Although, I was reading about some of yours, and I don’t think we ever got that creative…

    …so the hall-tennis seems to have gotten cut-down a little, apparently even made-up games count as “sports” and are thus, banned in the halls. Our Don was oddly triumphant to have caught us – though she’d seen pictures on Facebook. I think I need to discuss this with Vetes, he’s the only one of us that has her as a friend.

    Most of our other adventures are still going, though.

  2. February 9, 2008 2:58 am


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