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The Memetic Nature Of Food

February 4, 2008

Food, it seems, is one of the most inherently memetic things around.  Seeing food can near-immediately result in a food craving, often for that same type.  As an example, I grabbed a teriyaki bowl from the SLC here.  Jaertes had gotten one a few days ago and mentioned that he’d enjoyed it.  From there, well, the idea was planted.  I got my bowl, and stood around waiting for class with a few friends while eating it.  From there, though, one of them found herself craving the same, and soon the girls were making plans to go for teriyaki before the next class.

…See where I’m going, here?

As further example, Hot Lunch wrote reviews of a couple of African restraunts, leaving me craving the same sort of food – to such a degree that I was willing to risk Caf “tandoori chicken” in order to satisfy my cravings.

One of my favourite ads recently has shown exactly, this, though I’d not applied the more rigorous thought to it in the same way.  It’s a McDonald’s ad, showing a series of people eating Egg McMuffins, being seen by someone eating theirs, then the next frame is the other person, eating one of their own, being seen by someone else, repeat. I’ll embed when  I get a chance / if I can find it.

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