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Engineering Students?

January 30, 2008

No, not at all. Some of these prove it, actually. But we do, on the other hand, have excellent proof regarding why university students in res shouldn’t be allowed to get bored. Ever. We make stacks of things. To document this, here’s an appropriate progression of Piling Things Up In Res.

This was our first such construction. Erected in front of our Don’s door one night when some suspiciously skunk-scented guests came to see her, our first attempt had a sort of geometric precision to it, and lacked height, mostly because our careful engineering didn’t leave enough room for more chairs above it. Asides, we needed a place to sit and watch when she came out.

This is our second such sculpture, assembled from the contents of Jethe’s living room in front of the door to his room, trapping him inside. With Daris. We thought it was hilarious at the time. We even decorated it with stolen streamers. This was pretty awesome. However, note that we’ve now progressed to non-geometric asseblies, finding them to be more confusing to the recipient and having far more capacity for furniture.

This is the most recent construction, having “appeared” in our lounge a few nights ago. I wasn’t responsible for it, Rachel & I were out partying elsewhere, but I’m aware of who was, and I would have been involved had I been around. Note the use of non-chair furniture, the impressive height, and the fragments of broken light fixture on the ground.
Fuck, at this rate, the next one is going to be awesome.

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