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Latté Art

January 29, 2008

So anyone who’s been here for longer than a week has likely worked out that I work in some sort of coffee shop, and those of you who are regulars know that I’ve been at it for more than a year now, and that I take a lot of pride in the knowledge and skills that I’ve built through that.

You also likely know that I prefer to work in the best of the best, (Caffeine in Vancouver and KW Coffee here in K/W), and that I’m a competitive enough bastard to set my sights on being the best.

Here, to show you what I’m doing and able to do are a few samples of recent latté art that I’ve rocked through.

This one’s not that impressive to see off the bat, but that cup is about an inch across, this is an espresso macchiato in a traditional demitasse cup. Pretty much the hardest thing to put latté art on, at all.

This was the piece I did that day that I was proudest of, and while the definition between crema and milk was a little poor, I’d argue that the camera’s colour correction saw the yellow cup & the brown background and sure didn’t help matters when it made it’s adjustments. For all that I’m thrilled with the photo, it was a lot more impressive in person.

This is a pair of double lattés that I pulled off – less impressive than the others, but I hate pouring into the tall cups, and the fact that I did these two drinks in just over 2 minutes total makes the whole thing more of a feat.

These are less thrilling in that they happened and more in that they happened consistently. Pretty much everything I’ve done in the last few shifts has been of this level, which is pretty rewarding after how long I’ve worked to try and get this stuff to happen. Next up, hearts, then back full circle to the Monk’s Head cappuccino, in order to get things to a state where I can consistently produce whatever effect I want on demand, rather than where I started, which was producing the effect that “luck” said my milk could achieve.

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